One of the greatest difficulties organizations confront today is to oversee unstructured content i.e. the data which is just lying outside the databases. According to recent surveys the unstructured data compensates for more than 70% of the data that dwells in the association.

What you are suffering with the same issue. Alfresco can be the perfect solution for all your data related problems.

Alfresco is a completely thorough system for enterprise content management, providing services like collaboration, Records Management, Document administration, Knowledge Management, Imaging and Web Content Management

It also diminishes your ECM costs largely by up to 96% contrasted with restrictive frameworks. It’s as easy to use as a SharePoint and does not secure you to an exclusive stack. Working off the Enterprise Content Management Assessments, Hisati’s Optimization administrations help an organization augment its current Alfresco ECM execution by giving propelled customization, work processes and integrating services. We help organizations actualize, modify and streamline each of the Alfresco models for managing records, social cooperation and management of web content.

Utilizing an Agile methodology for development, we endeavor to accomplish the most elevated amounts of consumer loyalty by conveying complete arrangements of functionalities and features early and frequently. This methodology conveys arrangements and results rapidly for our clients.