Product maintenance is one of the imperative phases of product lifecycle. It speaks to the upgrades and changes to existing programming that gives the competitive edge required to stay ahead and succeed in any industry.

As a product mature, companies need to adjust endeavours between developing new and maintaining existing products. Maintaining a product on an on-going premise can divert significant assets from an organization’s core business.

Obviously no one wants to lose new opportunities associated with new product development, trying to maintain the previous ones. But maintaining the product is fundamental as well as it can impact your recurring and existing clients and thus income too.

To continue doing both new product development and maintenance you can rely upon Hisati.

Hisati can undertake product maintenance, fix errors and bugs, give support furthermore improve the product with the changing client prerequisites.

Hisati helps you in finishing the tasks with its demonstrated ways to deal with product maintenance through support or end-customer specific launches. The scope of these maintenance activities is from little fixes for existing errors or defects to execution of new business rules in a already established product. Hisati executes systematic and arranged learning transitions and product ramp-up procedures to affirm that the team totally comprehends the customer’s product and business standpoint.