The prevalence of Web services went before that of service-oriented architecture (SOA). Therefore, their underlying use was essentially inside conventional distributed solutions wherein they were most usually used to encourage point-to-point integration channels. As the development and maturity of Web administrations standards expanded, so did the extent of their usage.

With the merging of social, mobile, cloud, and big data analytics, SOA is more critical than ever for offering integrated systems and insights from end to end. By applying Service Oriented Architecture principals, a company can govern and manage business and IT transformations, separating them from their rivals. The advantages range from seamless integration, holistic business insight, cloud enabled solutions and all-encompassing business knowledge and dexterity to externalized APIs. SOA coordinates the back office, front office and the Internet of Things.

Hisati’s SOA and web services solutions help you influence existing assets and empower end-to-end mix between cloud, enterprise and legacy applications. We utilize open source and Oracle integration advancements to associate end-to-end business processes across your enterprise – including Oracle E-Business Suite, Integrated SOA Gateway, Oracle SOA Suite, and Oracle Application Adapters, and different choices for incorporating Oracle E-Business Suite with different applications.