Today, pressure from rising advances and over-the-top (OTT) players is changing telecom service suppliers from bearers of voice and information into the role of service enablers. Hisati aide Telecom service providers accomplish operational effectiveness, lessen service rollout time, propel development and accomplish business and operational targets. We influence our business information and top to bottom aptitude over the different lines of innovation, in this way furnishing you with the most inventive solutions.

Hisati’s telecom practice creates solutions customized for worldwide telecom service providers, and telecom software product sellers. Our fundamental IT frameworks, capacities, and design assume a central part in empowering telecom players to accomplish operational excellence.

Increase present expectations of your client service for your end-clients with Hisati’s customized services for worldwide telecom administration suppliers/transporters.
Our services include:

  • Robust off-the-shelf software systems
  • Business process optimization
  • Custom development services
  • Operations support systems (OSS)
  • System integration for business support (BSS)