when can you prefer cross platform over native

Maybe you have known about the term “cross platform development”, yet aren’t generally sure what it is, or you aren’t certain why you would need to utilize cross-platform technologies over native one. If so, then this post is particularly for you. I’ll attempt to reveal some insight onto what it is, and why you would need to utilize cross-platform improvement methodologies over Native.

What is cross-platform technology?

Cross platform is an idea in programming development where you compose application code once, and it keeps running on various platforms. This is especially in line with the “compose once, run everywhere” idea spearheaded in the 90s.This makes the development part simpler and fast.

So let’s discuss when you can choose cross platform over native:
1. When you have less time to market launch:
If you can wait 6 months or more than that, before your app is launched in the market? Then go for native one.
However, if there is less time then go for hybrid as it can be built using one source code and you can release it across various platforms too.
2. When development budget is low
You don’t need a vast team for developing a single app or you don’t require any for developing the same app for different platform.
As cross platform apps can be done using single line of code and can be run on various platforms it reduces your development cost. Result is you will get your app with all the features you require, that too on time but in your budget.

3. When you don’t want to spend much over maintenance of the app
As I have told you earlier cross platform apps utilize single database and can be made using single source code. So you don’t have to spend much on the maintenance cost.

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